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How to Grow on Twitter – Social Bro: Part 1, Targeted Following

There are more than 200 million active users on Twitter every month. A fair few of them may be interested in your charity or nonprofit, but sending out Tweets in the hope that they will stumble upon you is a bit like flying over New York and dropping a single flyer for your next event.

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Instead of broadcasting to an empty room, start engaging with the people on Twitter who might actually want to hear what you have to say. By following people who are already tweeting about your niche, who have your interests in their bio, or are in your area there’s a good chance that some of them are going to follow you back.

While you are growing your account you are only allowed to follow 2,000 people. You want to make sure that those 2,000 people are interested in you and your ideas, that they tweet regularly, that they have an audience… and that they follow back. Sure, Barack Obama has millions of followers – but it’s unlikely he is going to ever follow you, let alone interact with your posts.

Who should you follow?

1. Follow people who already have a decent amount of followers so you get value from their retweets

2. Follow people who follow back – check their ratio to see that they actually follow back their followers.

3. Follow people who have tweeted recently so you know they are active

4. Follow people who speak your language

But most importantly..

5. Follow people who are likely to engage with you, and will share your content

How do I find them?

Now that you have these people in mind – how on earth (or how on Twitter) are you going to find them? You could search for hashtags, and conversations, then click through to each user and see their followers and when they last tweeted – but every nonprofit and charity I know doesn’t have the time for that.

A great tool to do the hard work for you is SocialBro. It lets you filter through all the millions of users on Twitter. With a minimum of effort you can find your first 2,000 to follow. Once you start interacting with them, sharing their stories, answering their questions, then you will gain more followers yourself – and you’ll soon be able to follow even more people who might be interested in your organisation.

Get a free trial for SocialBro, free webinar and access to private SocialBro groups

Download a Free 15 day trial of SocialBro here. Ind you will be invited to a free webinar  by Twitter expert Jorgen Poulsen and be invited into his private groups with people only using SocialBro.

He likes to say that your first day with SocialBro is like sitting in the front of a 747 cockpit surrounded by dials that you don’t know how to work. Don’t let that be your SocialBro experience. I for one have already benefited from the webinar, and the constant flow of information and good ideas from the group members.

If you want to add me to your first 2000 – follow me @stillmalcolm If you sign up through Jorgen – I will see you in the group.


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